Chris Compton – 1980 Honda CX 500


  • Custom Welded Rear Seat Hoop
  • Custom one-off seat
  • Bulitt Boys Billet Upper Triple Clamp
  • Tarozzi Clip-ons
  • Dime City Cycles Gauges, Clutch Lever, Headlight Bucket, Master Cylinder
  • Yamaha R1 1/6 quick turn throttle tube
  • Triumph Start Switch
  • Honda CBR900RR Left Hand Controls
  • CNC Specialties Headlight Mount
  • Honda CX500 Deluxe Tank – Vinyl Wrapped
  • LED Lights
  • DEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap

Wheels, Tires & Suspension

  • Harley Davidson Sportster 9” rear shocks (Lowered 3.5″)
  • Front Shocks with Progressive Rate front Springs (Lowered 3″)
  • Sandblasted and Enamel Coated Stock Comstar Wheels
  • Shinko 230 Tour Master Tires (130/90/16 Rear & 100/90/19 Front)


  • Murray’s Carbs – Mikuni VM34 Round Slide Carburetors & Intakes
  • Ultima Wiring System Plus (Complete Rewire of the bike)
  • Custom Made y-pipe Exhaust

What I started out with:

$700 purchase…



  • Shortly a few mods, exhaust, bars, seat


  • Added new Mikiuni Carbs to get rid of the old Vacuum Slide Carbs


  • Welded in rear hoop, had new seat fabricated and install all new wiring (Ultima System Plus)


  • Added Dime City Gauges, Bulitt Boys Billet Upper Clamp & Dime City Accessories


  • Lastly, with the wrapped tank, bars, seat and newly painted wheels, this bike is constantly evolving…



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